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The ideal nurturing ground for best Machine Learning.

MLReef is a collaborative platform for version control on data and models
to ensure end-to-end replicability and time efficiency in all your ML projects.

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End-to-end Pipeline

Fully customize your end-to-end ML pipeline from public or private data sets to your final experiments.

Version Control

Enjoy full version control on your data and your models to ensure 100% replicability of your results.

Community Content

Use community generated data sets, data operations and algorithms to get started in no time!

ML made efficient and replicable

MLReef integrates the complete ML pipeline, from data management and pre-processing, data visualization and model management. 

Keep your style and flexibility

MLReef brings structure to chaos without limiting your flexibility and your working style. Collaborate with the whole MLreef community and your team to create the best ML outcome.

Manage your data set like a pro

MLReef works as a "single source of truth" for your data sets and it is powered by distributed version control (GIT). Improve your data set quality the same way you do with source code.

A reef for a community

MLReef is home to a world wide community of data scientists of all levels and their ML projects.

for everyone

MLReef supports open source for free. Get involved to perfect your craft and be part of something big.

for individuals

Use MLReef for your own ML projects, from experimental to hosting your life´s work.

for teams

Business of all sizes use MLReef to securely and efficiently develope in teams their ML projects.

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